Landlord and Tenant Matters

Sworders appreciate the importance of a good landlord and tenant relationship. We have a comprehensive knowledge of agricultural, residential and commercial tenancy law and how it applies to protect the legal rights of either party.

We provide advice on the many issues which might arise during the tenancy from its creation to termination.  As a guide, we are able to assist landlords and tenants with the following:

  • Tenant right valuations
  • Succession tenancies
  • Surrender and termination of tenancies
  • Tenancy applications
  • End of tenancy matters
  • Rent reviews
  • Farm Business Tenancies and Agricultural Holdings Act Tenancies
  • Grass-keep and grazing licences
  • Contract farming and Share Farming Agreements
  • Residential tenancies
  • Commercial tenancies and licences
  • Overseeing repairs and maintenance liabilities
  • Diversification
  • Schedules of Condition
  • Handling Deposit Protection Scheme

We monitor any changes to legislation which might impact on the landlord and tenant relationship.

If you have any concerns surrounding landlord and tenant matters, please do not hesitate to contact us.