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A Time to Think, A Time to Plan

Posted by James Watchorn on 30th March 2020
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A Time to Think, a Time to Plan

The enforced change to everyone’s life has not only stopped us doing everything we always do without hesitation but has given many of us time to rethink and work out what is important in our often too frenetic age.

The realisation that life has to change and the possibility we have got some of our expectations and priorities wrong and how vulnerable our economies can be sobering but enlightening.

But with any change there are opportunities and here are some thoughts:

Food Supply

The importance of having a well-funded, well supported high-tech and sustainable agriculture and horticultural industry, lets promote the wonderful seasonal food from the UK.  Educate people in cooking and using what we have and not relying on exotic foods from round the world.  We export a huge amount of fish and meat, but import meat and fish of different varieties ….sensible? New legislation and new support for agriculture is on its way with the Agriculture and Environmental Bills and ELMS (environmental land management scheme) how can your business benefit?

Where We Work

We have realised quite a lot of us can work from home or locally, and don’t need to travel for meetings and work, the appeal of cities for living and working may diminish, so rural business units, village business centres, and rural housing may all be in demand.

But good IT is essential with the need for high speed broad band, mobile telephony etc is clear. What can be done to improve this?


People will realise you don’t have to go abroad, you don’t even have to go to the beach, there are lots of opportunities for holidaying close to home , 30 miles can be as good a change of scene as 3000.  Enjoy our quality landscape and habitats, making the most of heritage and a variety of accommodation and delicious local food.  Simple pleasures walking, cycling, gardens, wild flowers and trees seem to be more appreciated, learning new skills and having new experiences.

Housing Market

Understandably there is real uncertainty as to the current state of the housing market and potential purchases are reluctant to commit until there is more clarity with regard to the outcome of CV outbreak.  Now may be the time to revisit any potential Class Q Applications or potential development opportunities as we all hope, in time, the market will return to a more normal patten to reflect the built up demand for housing.


We all know this can be a slow process so what better time to think through your project large or small, be it that potential building plot, what to do with that old building, even that much needed extension to your property, why not get the wheels in motion?

When we are Corona free, there will be a huge pent up demand for all those events that have been postponed, weddings, parties, holidays, events and festivals.  Is this an opportunity you can grab, be it only short term, it may be worth preparing.

So do not be frustrated by staying at home, use it to plan and please discuss any ideas with Sworders who have wide experience of all aspects of rural property, we too are working at home but available and connected and able to provide specialist advice and a fresh perspective.

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